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Get ready for winter!
15% off orders of $30 or more -veggies only

Our freezers are full with our BLACK ANGUS BEEF

Ideas for Dinner

Cabbage rolls..with our fresh picked cabbage and lean Angus hamburger.

Yummy Stew…with our Angus stew meat, super sweet carrots, Yukon gold potatoes.

Delicious Shepards pie using our lean hamburger, sweet red Pontiac potatoes, sweet carrots and onions.

Creamy squash soups… we have many varieties of squash to choose from.

Or, just cook one of our juicy Angus roasts that will melt in your month along with roasted potatoes, carrots and squash.

Our small shop can help you with providing your family with healthy nutrious meals and you will know where your food comes from and how it's grown.

We will have red white and yellow potatoes available all winter as well as carrots, cabbage, squash, kale, brussel sprouts, beets, onions.

Hours Mon to Fri 9am til 4pm

Saturday 9am til 2pm

Closed Sundays and holidays for the winter

17771 Westminster Hwy, Richmond TEL 604-278-5667